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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Ground surface protection

4_497_01The impact of continued mining operation on the ground surface occurred in the form of ground settlement (affected by water inflow in two cases). The settlements occurred in grasslands with many peat mining relicts and periodically flooded by thaw water in past. The post-exploitation overflow lands have been created in the Mining Area „Puchaczów IV” i.e. with the area of about 100ha north of the main pit shafts in the Mining Field Bogdanka and in the area of the Mining Field Nadrybie - with the area of about 30 ha.

The construction of so called Szczecin pond included in the local Area Development Plans for Ludwin and Puchaczów gmina will be an essential step towards implementation of this project in future. The construction of aforesaid pond will significantly contribute to the changed use of those lands i.e. from agricultural into recreational use. The pond will be used as fishing object and the potential place for recreation services.

The post-exploitation overflow land situated in Nadrybie area has been included in nature protection plans as “Ecological Land” and consequentially will be integrated with the buffer zone of Poleski National Park.

5_417The impact of mine exploitation on the ground surface encompasses also the mining waste dump. An artificial mountain is slowly created next to the mine as a structure which is completely new in the lowland landscape of Polesie region. Actually the mine waste dump is almost 26m high above ground level, its actual surface area amounts about 55ha and target surface area will cover almost 88ha. In order to neutralize its negative impact on aesthetical features of the surrounding landscape, the storage area of dead rock is subject to continuous reclamation in the form of turf and trees.

The feasibility studies have been carried out in the scope of development for recreation and sports purposes, including the creation of walking paths, cycle tracks and even a ski lift with artificially cooled slope. This concept has been found extremely interesting by local community and self – governments.

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13 of August 2022
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Elwiry, Hipolita, Radosławy
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