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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Environment Management as an element of implementation of the Ecological Policy of the enterprise

6_500Preparing the assumptions of its Environment Policy and using the standard as the basis, the Company Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. undertook to re-arrange its waste management, to eliminate the soil pollution points and to ensure the rational management of natural resources. Since two years, all aforesaid assumptions have been translated into everyday practice. Therefore the task was performed successfully. As a result of more than 2 years of functioning of the Environment Management System, some measurable benefits occurred therefrom. The most important benefits are:

  • re – arrangement of post-industrial waste management, achievement of measurable financial benefits as a result of the realization of environment program in the scope of mining and post-industrial waste recovery and utilization,
  • increasing of the staff awareness and competences – it has been achieved by the training sessions and participation of the staff in the system implementation and its maintenance, the reduction of energy and water consumption levels in the facility as a result of correct selection of machines and plants,
  • the improvement of company image and its competitiveness perceived by the partners and institutions engaged in the environment protection,
  • improvement of aesthetical image of the company as a result of proper and rational improvements on land in the facility premises.

The realization of initiatives determined by means of operational control is crucial for the successful functioning of the system in the company as the translation of theory into practice.
The goals, tasks and programs precisely determined in the framework of operational control contributed to minimization of the mine impact on environment and to the improvement of environment protection standards. The principal ones are:

  • continuation of permanent monitoring in order to enable current assessment of the facility impact on environment and prompt responding in case of irregularities,
  • limitation of mining waste storage as a result of its recycling and economic utilization,
  • construction of a new mine water reservoir in order to enable water pre-treatment prior to its discharge into receiving body i.e. Świnka river,
  • erection of the new store for empty oil packages and a reservoir for used oils complying with all standards for this type of constructions,
  • preferred purchase of energy saving equipment,
  • modernization of ZCB (Building Ceramic Facility) in order to increase its output (raw material – coal associated shales) as well as the increase of flue gas cleaning systems efficiency,
  • absolute compliance with the environment protection requirements pursuant to valid law and binding administrative decisions permitting the use of natural environment,
  • implementation of the environment policy established by our enterprise with consideration of sustained development principle.

Acting as the company, we are cognizant that pursuant to the certificate of the Environment Management System PN-EN  ISO 14001 obtained in the year 2003 we are committed to ensure pro-ecological behaviours like other entities managing their enterprises in a rational and careful manner.
Today is:
13 of August 2022
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Elwiry, Hipolita, Radosławy
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