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Cookie file regulations.
A system of cookie files is in place on our website to ensure top-quality services suited to your individual needs. If you use the website without adjusting your cookies settings, cookie files will be stored on your device. Cookie settings may be changed at any time. For more information, see our Cookies Policy.

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Cookies Policy

A new telecommunications law came into effect as of 22 March 2013. Pursuant to the new regulations, website administrators are obliged to notify users that cookie files will be stored on their devices once they have used the website and about possible courses of action the users may take. Once a user has been informed about cookies, any decision they take (including their failure to take a decision by not changing the default settings of their browser that enable the processing of cookies) shall be deemed a conscious declaration of intent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent and stored on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or another device using which a user accesses the Internet. The files allow a website to recognise a user and display the contents accordingly. A cookie usually contains the name of the website which it comes from, an indication of the time for which it will be stored on the device, as well as a unique number.

Why does LW Bogdanka use cookies?

LW Bogdanka's website uses cookies mostly to help a user navigate its pages and to ensure the effectiveness of its safety procedures. They also allow the contents to be adjusted to a user's activity on the website and help identify the user's device to properly display a page in a way that meets their individual needs.
Finally, cookies are used to collect statistical data that help us understand how users access the contents of the website, which helps us improve the quality of the information we provide on-line.

Cookies and web browsers

In many cases a program used to access websites (a web browser) enables cookies to be stored on a user's device as a default setting. A user may change their browser's cookie settings at any time. In particular, the browser settings may be changed to disable the automatic processing of cookies or to have the browser inform the user of each cookie stored on their device. You can find out about the details of the processing of cookies in your web browser's settings and in help files which you can access in the browser's menu.

Important note

Please be advised that restricting the application of cookies (e.g. disabling them) may affect some functionalities available in the resources of the website.
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