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Excise on Coal – It’s Easier with Bogdanka

Friday, 2012-06-15
Legal regulations tend to be complicated. Customers of coal companies and other entities trading in coal who wanted to buy coal this year have learnt it the hard way. The excise tax is nagging away at many people involved in coal trade, from persons responsible for trade processes in mines, through carriers, to customers. The issue concerns both large companies buying coal, for instance power stations, and small individual customers who use coal for house heating.

The Polish Excise Act of 6 December 2008 regulates the rules of exemption from this tax, however the provisions of the document are not easily understandable to everyone. Especially that one can encounter numerous interpretations of the Ministry of Finance and customs authorities.
LW Bogdanka S.A. has prepared for its customers an instruction manual how – in the view of the binding law – to purchase coal exempt from excise tax. The purchase itself is not as easy as it was a year ago – at that time, the excise tax was not collected on coal. It was sufficient to have cash or to transfer money, and come to the mine to collect the coal. Now, it is necessary to fill in several forms: statements, authorisations and delivery documents. The person collecting coal must also have an identification document. Some of the entities that apply for excise tax exemption are additionally required to prove that they are entitled to such an exemption.
Of course, it is possible to buy coal without the whole procedure, however its price will be increased by the value of excise tax. Therefore, if the recipient claims that in compliance with the act they are entitled to purchase coal without excise tax, it is worth filling in the documents properly and submitting them at coal collection.

From 15 June 2012, in addition to an up-to-date instruction manual on the process of issuance and flow of documents in connection with excise tax on Bogdanka’s coal, form creators have also been available to the Lublin mine’s customers.
Their aim is to enable finding the required set of documents adjusted to the specifics and needs of the customer’s activity. The creators are divided into three groups:
  1. Set of forms for individual customers (for customers from Poland) – CLICK HERE (only in Polish)
  2. Forms for entities acting as intermediaries in the coal industry (for customers from Poland) – CLICK HERE (only in Polish)
  3. Intra-community delivery of goods/export (for customers from EU) – CLICK HERE
Each of the creators provides step-by-step instructions and the required documents available for download. What is more – there is also a possibility to fill in the documents online and then download them and print.

Access to the creators is available from the Bogdanka Customer Service home page.

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