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Coal is Back – Says the European Commission

Friday, 2015-01-30

Bogdanka at the Coal Round Table in Brussels

At the time of rapidly decreasing oil prices, followed by drops in hard coal prices to values no longer accepted by coal producers and announcing “yellow alert for coal” by Zygmunt Łukaszczyk, new President of the European coal lobby organisation EURACOAL, we brought some hope from Brussels. During the first Coal Round Table of this term of the European Parliament (28 January) we heard words which could prove that coal is not finished yet and has not been killed by the Brussels administration who have created a strong front against coal producers and users, and persistently favours “green energy”.

As evidence may come the word of Klaus Dieter Borchardt, a significant director at the European Commission, who said publicly before the members of the united coal front:
- “The statement that ‘coal is the fuel of the past’ is false: now we should be saying ‘coal is back’.”

The recent meeting at the Coal Round Table, attended by presidents of the largest European coal companies from several countries, including also Zbigniew Stopa, President of the Management Board of LW Bogdanka, revealed the great anxiety in the mining industry. Also the meeting initiators – members of European parliament Jerzy Buzek and Christian Ehler (Germany) – expressed similar concerns. They both support the project proposed to the European Commission by EURACOAL, consisting in creating a good, detailed “Coal plan for the entire 21st century”.

There were also proposals for further specific actions which would allow coal to be shifted from the position of defence, imposed by the European Union in favour of renewable energy sources, to the offensive, consisting in activity such as applying better and better techniques of purifying the emission from coal-based energy sources.

The Brussels coal summit was also an opportunity for two members of the European Parliament from the Lublin region – Mirosław Piotrowski and Krzysztof Hetman – to get familiar with the situation on the Polish and world coal markets. We share the opinion with respect to their participation in the coal front, which, in the case of Europe, is based on the Polish mining industry.



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