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Saint Barbara Gave Us More Optimism

Wednesday, 2015-12-09

This year’s St. Barbara’s Day, already the 41st in the history of the Lublin Coal Basin, was celebrated with more joy by Bogdanka miners than by their Silesian friends, although we, too, were far from euphoria. Joining the well organised energy group, namely the Enea Group, provides us with new opportunities of using our production capacities, and for 4,500 employees it means stable employment for the coming years.  Public presentations made by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Andrzej Duda, and Prime Minister, Ms Beata Szydło, also fill with optimism as they indicate that Poland is to make even more use of the energy made of coal.

On 4 December on the Miner’s Day, after the morning mess in St. Barbara’s Church in Łęczna, we met with more than a hundred honoured miners in the pithead building in Bogdanka, and then we had a common lunch in miners’ cantina; after 6 p.m., we met at the Lublin Fair building and spent time in a more entertaining fashion (not only did archbishop Stanisław Budzik participate in the holy mess and in Bogdanka celebrations, but also gave a dispensation for eating meat and drinking alcohol on Friday). That evening almost 30 our colleagues joined the elite group of miners honoured with a sword, expressive lecture on coal was given by St. Barbara’s Day special guest - Brain Ricketts, secretary general of international organisation Euracoal, making the European coal front… Before the disco party started, the atmosphere and miners’ moods were elevated by the band Raz Dwa Trzy who were in a great form on that day.


See below a photo report from this event  ((photo  Z Kaczan).


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