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Watch a Film on the Kozienice Power Plant Made by Discovery Channel

Thursday, 2015-12-17


This is an unrivalled opportunity to get behind the scenes and watch the development of the most advanced coal power plant in Poland The construction of ENEA in Kozienice was filmed by the team of Discovery Channel, a popular scientific TV programme.

The film premieres on Discovery Channel on Thursday, 17 December, at 8.10 p.m.
Don’t miss out!

The team of Discovery Channel created a 30-minute document How a Coal Power Plant is Built. Through the camera lenses we may take a look at places available only to a few. Gargantuan scale of the investment is well presented by the air shots. We also may have a look inside the boiler and watch a place where the turbine and generator are being built. We may learn that the power plant’s size makes it visible from the space.

The film well explains the operation of a state-of-the-art power plant. We may learn also how the new ENEA block transforms coal, e.g. extracted in Bogdanka, into electric power transmitted to our houses. We can thus easily show to our families and friends how a fuel and power corporation, like Enea, operates.  

Discovery Channel concentrates on the construction of a new unit in Kozienice with the power of 1075 MW and explains how, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to produce pure energy from hard coal, in an environmentally friendly fashion. Experts including Enea employees will be talking about this exceptional project.

The film is a great opportunity for a trip through one of the largest construction sites in Europe. See you on Thursday at 8.10 p.m.!

Meanwhile, take a look at the film teaser (click the picture below).

Play this video


Pictures from the construction site in Kozienice:

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