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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Results of the Mine Close to Nature Contest Already Known

Monday, 2016-03-07

On 4 March 2016, Friday, diplomas were handed out to the participants of the Mine Close to Nature Contest, the aim of which was to promote eco-friendly attitudes, respect for the environment, and to show that the mine coexists with the surrounding nature. The organisers wanted the works to show the nature surrounding the mine with particular emphasis on the Nadrybie Nature Trail, and as such, expose the mine’s presence against a background of the nature around it.

The artistic competition was open to the children of LW Bogdanka’s employees. From among 24 drawings ranked in three age categories: kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, the jury granted 3 main awards and 5 distinctions, which were presented to the winners by Zbigniew Stopa, the President of the Company’s Management Board, who emphasised the participants’ creativity and talent.

“It’s amazing to see how children perceive the mine and its impact on the environment. The works were really inventive and showed the children’s unlimited imagination,” said Mr Stopa.


In addition to the diplomas, every participant to the contest was given a souvenir gift, while the winners of the main awards and distinctions were presented with special prizes.

Below are the names of the winners:

Main awards:
Martyna Poleszak – 1st prize in the kindergarten category
Emil Błaszczak – 1st prize in the primary school category
Karolina Borys – 1st prize in the secondary school category

Mateusz Gabriel – distinction in the kindergarten category
Malwina Mazur – distinction in the kindergarten category
Dominika Grodecka – distinction in the primary school category
Emilia Rzucidło – distinction in the primary school category
Mateusz Jasiński – distinction in the secondary school category

Congratulations to everyone!

The drawings will be displayed at an exhibition to be held in the pithead buildings. Meanwhile, feel free to view our photo gallery (numbers assigned to particular names correspond to the order of drawings).

1. Drawing byMartyny Poleszak
2. Drawing byMateusza Gabriela
3. Drawing byMalwinyMazur
4. Drawing byEmila Błaszczaka
5. Drawing byEmilii Rzucidło
6. Drawing byDominiki Grodeckiej
7. Drawing byKaroliny Borys
8. Drawing byMateusza Jasińskiego

Contest Partner: Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) http://www.otop.org.pl/.



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