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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

LW Bogdanka S.A. reveals its strategy – company wants to continue flexible development, double its raw material resources and pursue innovations

Friday, 2017-02-10

LW Bogdanka S.A., the most advanced  and most efficient hard coal mine in Poland and a member of the Enea Group, one of the leaders in Poland’s power market, presented a development strategy for the Mining Area of the Enea Group. The strategy covers a period until the year 2025, within the 2030 framework. The strategy is in line with the Strategy of the Enea Group and reflects both Responsible Development Plan and Polish Hard Coal Mining Programme.

The strategy of LW Bogdanka in the Mining Area of the Enea Group includes two development scenarios: baseline, which assumes average production at a level of about 8.5 million tonnes a year over 2017-2025, and flexible development, with average annual production at a level of about 9.2 million tonnes over the same period. Taking into account the current and expected market situation, the Company wants to implement the flexible development scenario. CAPEX forecast for 2016-2025 (nominally) amounts to PLN 3.7 billion for the baseline scenario and about PLN 4 billion for the flexible development scenario.


LW Bogdanka extends the agreement with Energa Elektrownie Ostrołęka until 2019

Thursday, 2016-12-29

The Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka Group has signed an annex to the Long-Term Agreement for Sale of Thermal Coal with ENERGA Elektrownie Ostrołęka S.A. The Annex extends the term of the Agreement until the end of 2019 (initially, the Agreement was to end on 31 December 2016) and sets forth the terms and conditions of supplies in 2017.


Bogdanka after Q3 2016 - yet another quarter of good results despite still difficult market situation

Thursday, 2016-11-10

After the three quarters of 2016, the Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka Group generated revenue of PLN 1.3 billion (at a similar level to the one achieved last year despite lower coal prices) and net profit of PLN 120.2 million (lower by over 9% compared to the previous year). In the period in question, EBIT amounted to PLN 154.6 million (a decrease of 11.4% y/y), while EBITDA totalled PLN 432.3 million (a decrease of 5.6%).


LW Bogdanka extends the agreement for the supply of coal to the Połaniec Power Plant

Monday, 2016-10-03

LW BOGDANKA S.A., the most modern and efficient hard coal mine in Poland, which is part of the Enea Group,one of the leaders of the Polish power market, has signed an annex to the agreement with ENGIE Energia Polska Spółka Akcyjna regarding supplies of thermal coal for the purposes of the ENGIE power plant in Połaniec.


LW Bogdanka to increase coal supplies to Enea Group from 2017

Thursday, 2016-09-29

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka Group has signed annexes to its long-term agreements with Enea Wytwarzanie Sp. z o.o. to increase the volumes of Bogdanka’s supplies to Enea Group, starting 2017.


LW Bogdanka Capital Group after H1 2016: mining according to the plan, good financial performance

Friday, 2016-08-26

The Capital Group of Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka in H1 2016 generated sales revenue on the level of over PLN 848.9 mln and net profit in the amount of almost PLN 75 mln. It means that despite further drop in prices, both the revenue and net profit were kept on the level close to the same period of the previous year. EBIT result in the said period amounted to PLN 96.6 mln (drop by 4.7 per cent yoy) and EBITDA: PLN 277.4 mln (drop by 4.9 per cent).


LW Bogdanka finished drilling of boreholes under the prospecting license for the Ostrów deposit

Tuesday, 2016-07-19

LW BOGDANKA S.A. finished drilling works related to drilling of two boreholes under the prospecting license for the Ostrów deposit.


LW Bogdanka Publishes Integrated Report for 2015

Monday, 2016-06-20

We are happy to present you our latest publication, i.e. the Integrated Report for 2015.

This Report is the third report prepared by LW Bogdanka in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, and the second integrated report combining both financial and non-financial results.


LW Bogdanka Group after q1 2016: better financial results and improved profitability ratios

Monday, 2016-05-23

In Q1 2016, Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka Group generated sales revenue on the level of almost PLN 420.6 mln, which were by 1.8 per cent lower than in the same period of the previous year. At the same time, the other key financial results improved: EBIT amounted to PLN 78.9 mln (growth by 63.8 per cent yoy), EBITDA PLN 173.3 mln (growth by 20.0 per cent yoy) and net result PLN 54.4 mln (growth by 66.6 per cent).


LW BOGDANKA S.A. after Q4 2015 and the whole 2015

Tuesday, 2016-03-22

LW Bogdanka generated in 2015 revenue on sale at a level of almost PLN 1,885 million and EBITDA result of PLN 686 million. This means that despite challenging market situation and results being under the pressure of coal price drops, the Company’s profitability ratio, EBITDA, which last year was 36%, remain at a level higher than the average recorded in the industry.

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