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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Bogdanka’s operating results in a difficult market environment

Friday, 2020-09-04

In H1 2020 the LW Bogdanka Group generated revenue in the amount of PLN 849.0 million (down by 22.7% y/y) and net profit of PLN 36.7 million (down by 81.5% y/y). In the analysed period, EBIT was PLN 49.9 million (down by 79.4% y/y), while EBITDA totalled PLN 221.1 million (down by 49.1% y/y).


Bogdanka after the first quarter of 2020: lower extraction but high yield

Friday, 2020-05-22

LW BOGDANKA S.A. published financial results for Q1 2020. Consolidated revenue for that period amounted to PLN 464.1 million, EBITDA – PLN 134.8 million, operating profit – PLN 44.9 million, and net profit – PLN 33.7 million.

In Q1 2020 the Company performed its production plan at a level of 2.1 million tonnes (compared to 2.5 million tonnes the year before) and sales plan at a level of 1.9 million tonnes (2.4 million tonnes in Q1 2020). In Q1, the average yield amounted to the high level of 65.7%, in comparison to 64.7% the year before.


Bogdanka donates even more funds for fight against Coronavirus

Friday, 2020-04-17

Bogdanka increases help for hospitals and institutions fighting the coronavirus pandemic up to the total of PLN 740,000.


Bogdanka ends 2019 with very good results

Thursday, 2020-03-26

LW BOGDANKA S.A. published consolidated financial results for 2019. Consolidated revenue for that period amounted to PLN 2,157.9 million (increase by 22.8%), EBITDA – PLN 767.6 million (+63.6%), operating profit – PLN 375.2 million (+504.9%), and net profit – PLN 308.7 million (+473.9%).


Very good operating and financial results after three quarters of 2019

Thursday, 2019-11-21

LW BOGDANKA S.A. published its consolidated financial results after three quarters of 2019. Consolidated revenue for that period amounted to PLN 1,626.1 million (increase by 21.8%), EBITDA – PLN 611.3 million (+53.1%), operating profit – PLN 319.7 million (+245.2%), and net profit – PLN 264 million (+247.4%).

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29 of November 2020
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